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The protein structure alignment is calculated on the following chains: 1cvj:A; 1fje:B; 1fxl:A; 1g2e:A; 1fnx:H;

Simplified POSA graph: Only show regions (boxes marked by id, length and RMSD) of at least 5 residues that are conserved in all the input structures (conserved segments). Numbers on the edges represent the length of the region connecting two segments in individual structures.
Click on the boxes or the numbers on the edges to highlight the corresponding regions.

ColorPDBAligned Chain/Segments

residues at approximate pivot positions
common core regions

Download a UCSF Chimera script for publication ready visualization and multiple analysis tools here. Start chimera and use "Open" menu to open the downloaded script. Please note, you must have access to the internet to download the aligned structures.

Note: Flexibility is detected in one or more input structures where modified coordinates are used in the alignment. No other chains or ligands except the master chains in structure alignment are shown.
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